Debbie Smith

Person-Centred Counsellor

Wantage, Oxon

MBACP (Accred.)

Dandelion Counselling

Time and space for you.

What is Person Centred Counselling?
  •  It is a non-directive approach to being with another, that believes in the others potential and ability to make the right choices for him or her self, regardless of the therapists own beliefs, values or ideas.
  • The person-centred approach maintains that three core conditions provide a climate conducive to growth and therapeutic change. The core conditions are:
  1. Unconditional positive regard
  2. Empathic understanding
  3. Congruence
  •  The person-centred counsellor has a positive and optimistic view of human nature. The philosophy that people are essentially good, and that ultimately the individual knows what is right for them, are the essential ingredients of successful person centered therapy.